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the diary of Samuel pepys

This essay is about the story of Samuel Pepys and who can I relate the values of trustworthiness and thankful to the story, to start the essay I am going to give the definition of these to values; trustworthiness is the ability to be relied on as honest or truthful and thankful is to be pleased and relieved. Now that we have our definitions, I’m going to start to relate every part of the story with that values.
The story is divided in 3 part in which every part is a part of his life, In the first part of the story, Samuel talks about the coronation of the king, so I think he was thankful and trustworthy in this part because he is watching, the coronation of his king, so he is thankful because of the coronation, and he is trustworthy because he was always loyal to his king, that’s why he was always in the events of his king.In the second part, I think he is thankful because the great fire that happened in London didn’t kill him, also one of the thinks that was more thankful is that his …

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