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christmas storms and sunshine

This story take place in the Victorian era  in Britain , the story is about two families the Jenkins and the hodgson , the Jenkins worked in the tory newspaper and the hodgson worked in the examiner , the problem of the story begin when the hodgson move out near the Jenkins , their rivals ; the Jenkins had a cat ,in their house  and the hodgson had a baby in their house , one day Mary hodgson was angry , so she sees the cat of Mrs. Jenkins  and broke her legs, because she was afraid the cat could do something to her son , after that she feels so bad because of that , then Mrs. Jenkins  found out what Mary did so she was angry at her. One day Mary put her son to sleep and then she start too cook, later her son wakes up , and he was sick with a disease called croup , she was scared because she didn’t know what to do , so she called fanny the nana of the house , and she told her to put him in a bath with boiling water , so she went to the house of the Jenkins  because she didn’t have boil…

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